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Food For Thought

Choices: Things that we want. Mistakes: Decisions that we choose. Do the research, take opinions and put them into considerations, dig deeper, but trust no one and do what the … Continue reading

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OddFaces #007

I spy an oddface in my icecream cake. Happy Hump Day!

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Home Cooked!

I’m very lucky to have friends that know how to cook yummy things!!! Appetizer anyone??? Mmm. I can’t wait to get home and indulge! Thank you star!

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Welcome back!

Good Morning! Damn, I feel good this morning! Here we go again! Schools back in session! Spring semester 2012 Monday’s: Health 625a-720a Math: 725a-850a Work: 10a-600p Journalism: 650p-10p Tuesday and … Continue reading

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Paris Baguette

Morning Breakfast. Paris Baguette, Pasadena, CA Cheddar cheese and green onion omlette on a deep dish pan bread.

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MoOoOo, where’d the cow go?

She’s my favorite star in the sky. She’s my personal nail stylist and hair dresser. And most of all, she’s my fat cow… love ya star Oulay! Thanks for everything… … Continue reading

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It’s about that time…

Goodbye Dark Fall hair color and hello early Burgundy Spring hair color!!!

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You have to love these spam messages that you get in your inbox. This one’s funny…

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